Fleet manager

The dashboard collects all your fleet's data in one place. Here, as a fleet manager or company director, you can gain insight into the driving behaviour of all your drivers. See what scores are achieved, what learning objectives can be set and generate reports on individual or group performance.


An overview of all drivers in your fleet


A ranking of your drivers and their results


A trip-based view of trips


Anything to help your drivers achieve their goals


Send a message to other members within your fleet or group


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View all drivers within your fleet

See which drivers are all active within your fleet. You can see how many kilometres have been driven and how many minutes. Divide the drivers into different groups to keep an overview.

Get insights via trip-based views

See what scores were achieved during a trip and where safety events occurred. View the images of the safety events and analyse the driver's behaviour.

Get an overview of your drivers' scores

Which driver exhibits which driving behaviour? Look at the positive aspects and working points of each driver. A tailor-made learning path is provided for each driver.

Generate reports based on individual or group performance

Generate reports related to the driving behaviour of a driver or group within the fleet. See how scores are distributed on different factors within driving behaviour.

Set different goals to improve driving behaviour

Based on the scores, the driver's working points are found out. Based on the working points, different customisable objectives can be proposed by the fleet manager to the driver. Once the target is achieved, the driver is rewarded with a badge.