How is the follow-up organized?

Toecan's goal is to launch a prevention campaign within your company where you can gain insight into your drivers' driving behaviour and thus prevent claims. Toecan's software plays an important role in this. However, the effect of the app and the dashboard is all the greater if you incorporate it in a follow-up process, and that is where we can help you.

A follow-up program with blended learning

During the process we use blended learning. This method uses a combination of contact learning and distance learning.

Contact learning

There is a moment between the student and the teacher, where the teacher elaborates on a particular topic.

Distance learning

Learners can go through the material at their own pace and whenever they want.

Toecan platform as a central learning tool

Our Toecan platform is ideally set up to offer and monitor a prevention campaign via blended learning.

Flexible training

For this, we work with your own in-house or external training manager, or offer a training programme through one of our training partners.

Tailor-made route

The participants are taken on a trajectory tailored to your company throughout the year.

Ecological & safe

The training will result in more ecological and safe driving behaviour.