We answer your most frequently asked questions below.

General questions

First of all, we organise a test phase in which the customer can see the potential of the technology for enhancing safety within fleet management. The first installation of the data collectors is under the supervision of the Toecan installation engineer. After about three months, the results are discussed in detail, and the project is scaled up. An introduction of the software to future users follows.

The subscription is for 1 year, cancellable quarterly thereafter.

The subscription is per user (driver), not per vehicle.

In consultation with the client, an agreement is drawn up with clear arrangements regarding the processing and use of data. Your data is handled in accordance with the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, we use industry-standard and commercially widespread security practices such as encryption, pseudonymisation and firewalls to secure your data.

All commercial vehicles that are/can travel on public roads are eligible to be tracked by the Toecan system.

Technological questions

Logging into the Toecan App can only be done via a personalised 'magic link' that you will receive at your personal e-mail address. This link can only be accessed from the mailbox on your smartphone. The link takes you to the Google Play Store or App Store to install the app. During installation, you will be asked to give the required permissions after which the magic link will automatically log you in. For iOS users, if you are not automatically logged in after the app is installed, click the magic link in your email again. All you then have to do is: Drive! Your rides are automatically recorded, with no intervention on your part.

During each trip, sensor data is collected from your smartphone to calculate trip statistics and aspects of your driving style, such as speeding, speeding and braking and use of your mobile phone in your hand while driving. Taking into account the road type, number, duration and severity of the adverse events, a score is calculated for each aspect of your driving style and for the ride as a whole.

No, the app only uses your location data to detect and record your rides. Recording of rides starts a few seconds after the start of your ride and stops 5 minutes after the end of your ride.

Yes, the app can only work if you are logged in. Otherwise, recording rides will be disabled.

To install the app, your mobile phone must have an active SIM card with a mobile data plan. However, mobile data or Wi-Fi does not need to be on while driving. Nevertheless, we recommend leaving Wi-Fi or mobile data on during your rides to optimise location accuracy and facilitate post-ride data upload. The average consumption is very low (about 1MB of data per hour of driving).