Using the Toecan app, you can collect various data related to your driving behavior. See how you score on the different driving behavior parameters. Once the scores are known, you get tips and learning objectives to improve your driving behavior.


Info related to the operation of Toecan


Get general tips to improve your driving

Goals & badges

View suggested goals based on your driving record and the badges you have already achieved


View your ranking within your fleet or group


An e-learning module


You as a driver can be rewarded in the online shop with your score

Get a trip-based overview of your trips

Get a display of your journeys with the safety events that have occurred. For each safety event, you can see what situation occurred via an explanation or video.

A scoreboard listing all drivers within your group

See who has what score within your group. You can view scores on a weekly basis as well as on a lifetime basis so you can get a representative picture of your ranking.

See how you scored per trip

Per trip, scores are calculated based on various parameters. See where you score well and not so well.

Set goals for yourself and improve your driving

Based on your scores, a customised learning path will be drawn up. Set easily achievable goals for yourself and improve your driving behaviour step by step.