Prevent damage and drive more economically

The Toecan app, which uses sensors built into your smartphone, or the tracker, which requires additional hardware in your vehicle, monitors your driving style and translates it into meaningful insights.

Save on numerous costs

fuel consumption

As drivers adjust and improve their driving behaviour, this results in lower fuel consumption.

insurance fee

Reducing the number of claims will undoubtedly reduce your insurance premium.

maintenance costs

A quiet driving style also has a beneficial impact on maintenance costs and will reduce absenteeism.

For whom is Toecan developed for?

Toecan was developed to provide two specific groups with clear insight into driving behaviour:

Professional drivers

Through the app, drivers can track their driving behaviour and receive tips to improve their driving.

Fleet managers

Through the dashboard, the fleet manager can easily analyse and monitor the driving behaviour of its drivers.

The perfect tool for developing of a safety culture in your company

Gain insight into driver behaviour

Scores on different aspects of driving behaviour

Promotes safe and ecological driving

Sets out a learning path for the driver

All data in one
central place

Improving driver well-being

How does Toecan work?

Discover our packs

Check out our packs and choose the one that best suits your fleet or business. You have a choice of three packs: Essentials, Premium and Pro. Each pack includes as standard: